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Definition of “Alien”

“But then, maybe these aliens are not supposed to be realistic in the first place (this is, after all, speculative fiction – so does reality even apply?). They are walking, talking metaphors, presenting (however dressed up) the best and worst of humanity – our foibles and insecurities, our loneliness and frustration, our optimism, our hope. Sci-fi stories are cautionary tales, allegories, parables – written by humans, reflecting human thoughts and ideas and emotions, intended for a distinctly human audience. Their messages may vary from story to story, but the underlying significance is always the same: by presenting their ideas in the realm of the extreme, the creators of these stories are able to teach us just a little more about ourselves.

That brings us to Margaret Atwood’s beautiful little Homelanding. While many writers of speculative fiction strive to make aliens seem human (but not too human, mind you), Atwood has, through the unconventional use of words and language, done the exact opposite – she has made human beings seem more alien than we could ever imagine. With a simple two-page story, Atwood has turned the conventions of the sci-fi genre inside out. She forces us to look at something old in a new way, and (as is the case with even the most bizarre science fiction) we learn something about ourselves in the process. So maybe, in the end, the story isn’t so different after all.”


Ten Ways to Tell if Your Cat is a Space Alien

By Geoffrey Landis

1. The cat has unexplained powers of hypnosis. And occasionally teleports when nobody is watching.
2. When you come home, the stereo is tuned to the dead space between stations. Even though you’re sure that it was tuned to Easy Listening when you last played it.
3. The cat sits on your lap, and there’s a bright light, and the next thing you know it’s three days later, and you can’t account for the past 72 hours.
4. You get mysterious phone calls asking for names you never heard of. The voice sounds like Elvis.
5. Your cat is interested in your old college chemistry text, and absorbs its content by sitting on it. Every few minutes the cat carefully turns to a new page.
6. Things in your house mysteriously disappear. Aluminum foil. Coat hangers. Household bleach. The magnetron tube from your microwave oven.
7. The cat sometimes seems to be trying to speak English, particularly simple words: “wow,” “me,” “now,” “yow,” “out!” and “isotopically-purified plutonium-237 trioxide.”
8. The cat has taken an exceptional interest in the satellite television dish. You think that this might be normal for cats, but your cat has rewired it, and aimed it at the Andromeda galaxy.
9. The neighbors complain about bright lights hovering over your house at night.
10. All cats are aliens. Why should yours be different?

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