Outside Reading

“What we will become depends entirely on our vision and our will. But if we wish to avoid the impoverishment of our imagination, and the disappearance of the precious dissatisfaction that refines our sensibility and teaches us to speak with eloquence and rigor, and the weakening of our freedom, then we must act. More precisely, we must read.” Mario Vargas Llos

Ray Bradbury  said, “There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.”

  • Recommended Reading for Sophomores

  • Here is the Honors English II Book Report Long Form, including suggested titles. At least one choice from this list is required using this form.
  • Here is the Honors English II Book Project Short Form. Report on either two or three books from your outside reading, using this abbreviated format.
  • The PREMISE is, quite simply, what is at stake in your story. It is the foundation of your story, upon which your theme, characters, and plot are built. Your premise determines the primary goals of your characters and lays out the path they will take in achieving those goals.
  • Here is more information for the question WHAT  is a PREMISE?
  • And yet more on the lowly premise!! Finding your story’s premise — Writing Tip of the Day